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Dr Haider Raza., PhD.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,Institute of Analytics and Data Science,

School of Computer Science and Electronics Engineering,

The University of Essex,

Colchester, CO4 3SQ, Essex, United Kingdom.

email: h [dot] raza [at] essex [dot] ac [dot] uk


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I am a Research Fellow at the Institute for Analytics and Data Science (IADS), School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex.

My research interests and activities focus on the machine learning, non-stationary learning, brain-computer interface, EEG/MEG signal processing, and computational intelligence methods for health and biomedical informatics. I work on the development of the intelligent systems and practice my skills on the projects related to electronic healthcare systems, stoke-rehabilitation, and few others areas.

Welcome to my homepage about my ongoing research and teaching activities.

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