'Who am I?' Toddler Guessing Game

 iPhone & iPod touch animal guessing game for toddlers. 
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Developer: Liat Pele. 

Guess which animal is in the picture!


This app offers a fun way to spend quality time with your toddler.

The free version includes 15 different animal figures from unexpected points of view and positions. Tap on the body of the animal to reveal its face, tap on the play button to hear how to pronounce its name. The full version includes 75 figures and includes the singular and plural pronunciations. 


"Who am I?" is designed to engage 1.5- to 4-year-old children, but young-in-spirit adults will enjoy it too.

It is intended to be used by one child, for parent-child interaction and for several kids among themselves.

"Who am I?" is designed to provide an enjoyable interaction between parent and child. It has a beautiful and clean drawing style to allow the imagination of toddlers to develop.

This app meets some of the most important emotional needs of young children. It provides an opportunity to be heard and to show success. It is an educational activity that is fun and makes kids laugh. The pictures encourage children to raise some interesting questions like, "What makes an owl be an owl?"; "What is this animal?"; Is this an animal too?"; and "Why is a pumpkin not an animal?"

Young toddlers sometimes love to repeat the same pictures. This app allows for easy repetition with no frustration.

I use this app with my young toddler while we are waiting for the bus, waiting for my oldest child to get out of school and on many other occasions.

It teaches about animals while developing language skills, imagination and curiosity. But most importantly, it allows uninterrupted time between parent and child.

This version is for iPhone 3.5'' and 4'' and iPod touch,

IOS 5.1 or later.

A version for iPad, Android and other languages are anticipated.

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Download the FREE version from the App Store now,

Includes 15 different animal figures from unexpected points of view and positions.

Download the FULL version from the App Store, Available at $0.99

Includes 75 different animal figures from unexpected points of view and positions.


Provides parents with a wonderful opportunity to stimulate their child's curiosity while having fun!