Wellington Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan Website


The aim of this website is to keep residents and other interested parties up to date with the progress being made in the creation of The Wellington Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Herefordshire Planning Strategy allocates about 28 additional houses to Wellington Heath. We have the opportunity to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan which would have statutory force and can greatly influence the future of the parish including determining how and where development  occurs.

The tabs above will take you to various pages giving background information on Wellington Heath and its' residents, the Neighbourhood Planning process, The Working Group (WG) formed to create the Plan and copies of various documents relevant to the creation of the Plan.

There is also a "Share Your Views" link so that you can provide your views to the working group whenever you wish.

Historical information and documents such as 2015 meeting records can be accessed on our Archive site: NDP Archive

(The activities of the Working Group are supported by the Big Lottery Fund)
  Latest News  
The NDP Passes Examination

The examiner has completed her review of the Wellington Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan. The report is available on the following page:  Examiner's Report

Our response to the suggested modifications must be agreed with Herefordshire Council before proceeding to the referendum. The examiner also complimented the local community volunteers and Wellington Heath Parish Council on producing a sound and well-presented plan.

The next stages will continue to take a number of weeks during which time the Working Group will be liaising with Herefordshire County Council to create a final version of the plan. We believe that the referendum will take place, as previously indicated, this autumn.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The new data protection regulation is now in force. The NDP website contains personal information of Working Group members past and present. All information has been freely given and is for the information of parishioners. All survey and consultation responses have been anonymised and any original records are being held until the end of the adoption process after which they will be destroyed.

There are photographs showing parishioners at consultation events in the relevant reports and Bulletins. The regulations give people the right to “be forgotten”, and any parishioner wishing to have a photograph removed is asked to contact a member of the Working Group.

Following adoption of the NDP by Herefordshire Council this website will be taken down and parishioners directed to the relevant Herefordshire Council web page which will contain all relevant documentation. All other data and NDP records will be secured on an encrypted and password secured memory stick owned by and held by the Wellington Heath Parish Council for future use to update the NDP. Paper records that are no longer current and in particular that contain personal information will be securely destroyed. The Wellington Heath Parish Council GDPR statement covers all NDP data.