Wellington Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan Website

The aim of this website is to keep residents and other interested parties up to date with the progress being made in the creation of The Wellington Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Herefordshire Planning Strategy allocates about 28 additional houses to Wellington Heath. We have the opportunity to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan which would have statutory force and can greatly influence the future of the parish including determining how and where development  occurs.

The tabs above will take you to various pages giving background information on Wellington Heath and its' residents, the Neighbourhood Planning process, The Working Group (WG) formed to create the Plan and copies of various documents relevant to the creation of the Plan.

There is also a "Share Your Views" link so that you can provide your views to the working group whenever you wish.

Historical information and documents such as 2015 meeting records can be accessed on our Archive site: NDP Archive

(The activities of the Working Group are supported by the Big Lottery Fund)
  Latest News  

NDP passes to Herefordshire Council & Independent Examiner

The Formal public consultation by the Parish Council (Reg. 14) finished mid 2017.  The Plan has now been amended in response to comments, and passed to Herefordshire Council along with other required documents.

All documents will be advertised on the Herefordshire Council and Wellington Heath Parish websites for 6 weeks. Following this consultation period, the NDP, supporting material, and any comments received will be sent to a Herefordshire Council appointed independent examiner. This stage is called Reg 16.

( Relevant documents can be found on the the Herefordshire Council site: Herefordshire Council_WHNDP_Reg 16  as well as on this site: WH NDP Reg 16 Documents )

Any changes requested by the examiner will be incorporated into the NDP and a final Wellington Heath NDP will be produced.

A referendum will then be held so that parishioners on the electoral register will be able approve or oppose the NDP. The result, achieved by a simple majority, is binding and if approved, the NDP would then be formally accepted by Herefordshire Council and become planning law.