Wenhan LUO

Floor 8, Langke MansionNanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, P. R. China.

Email: wenhanluo@tencent.com 

(please do not send emails to my imperial account as it has expired)

Bio [CV]

Wenhan Luo is currently working as a senior researcher in the AI Lab of Tencent, China. His research interests include several topics in computer vision and machine learning, such as motion analysis (especially object tracking), image/video quality restoration, object detection and recognition, reinforcement learning. Before joining Tencent, he received the Ph.D. degree from Imperial College London, UK, 2016, M.E. degree (at the National Laboratory of Pattern RecognitionInstitute of Automation) from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 2012 and B.E. degree (at the Department of Control Science & Engineering) from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, 2009.


-- A few research intern positions are available for talented PhD and Master students. Please contact me if you are interested.

-- Welcome our intern Zechun Liu (HKUST) on board.   

-- One paper is accepted by CVPR2018Feb, 2018. Congratulations to Wei Xiong! 

-- Welcome Yiming Chen, from Imperial College London, on board as an intern in Tencent AI Lab.

-- Welcome Kaihao Zhang on board as intern (腾讯犀牛鸟精英研究生计划) in Tencent AI Lab. Kaihao is from Australian National University and will work close with me for about six months.

-- Welcome Weiyue Su and Wei Xiong on board as intern in Tencent AI Lab. Weiyue is from South China Universit of Technology. Wei is from Wuhan University. He will go to University of Rochester pursuing his PhD degree after the internship.

-- I served as the program committee member of the First Joint BMPP-PETS Workshop on Tracking and Surveillance in conjuction with CVPR2017.

-- One paper is accepted by CVPR2017, April, 2017.

-- Joined AI Lab in Tencent as a research scientist, July, 2016.

-- I passed viva exam and obtained the Ph.D. degree in June, 2016.

-- I served as the program committee memeber of the workshop Benchmarking Multi-Target Tracking: MOTChallenge in conjunction with ECCV2016.

-- I am now doing internship in Microsoft Research Asia with Dr. David Wipf (from Feb 2015 to June 2015).  

Last updated: Feb 24, 2018.