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Hello world!
I'm still alive. It's just that I don't have much time to do gadgets anymore.
I will release a new gadget, probably, next week.
Anyway, I have some great news. I just recieved an e-mail from someone who works at Google and Babelfish got translation help! (Hehe, :p) Anyway, this means that if you're Sweden or Germany  or any other country and you don't understand English you can use Babelfish but in your own language! This is great news! I love you guys at Google!
When the gadget is updated, ofcource, I will post it here.
Oh, and Wikipedia can now be found under the Tools section in Google Directory, which is quite cool.
I'll keep you posted. Note: I'll probably get some more spare time in a week or so, yeah. More gadget and other stuff time.

Google updated the Developers page once again and this week I'm number 13!
Thanks guys.
I also re-added the screenshot and thumbnail to MSN Messenger. They were dead.
Released Gadget Search a few days ago, but I'm to busy right now to create the page. Blah.
I also submitted a new gadget to Google, but I don't think you're interested unless you're Dutch.
I will release more details on both gadgets asap. I think I need to create a FAQ too, will also do this asap.
And I almost forgot, there seems to be a problem with the Wikipedia gadget if you use IE 6. Dunno if it works with IE 7 or Opera so if anyone uses one of these (s)he can e-mail me.

Google updated the Developers page, and I'M NUMBER 14!!!!!!
AAAAAH! It's insane! Thanks guys, for using my gadgets. And thanks Google, for putting them in the direcrory.

Fixed a typo in Babelfish, thanks you-know-who-you-are!