Frequently Asked Questions.

Nice gadgets! Who made them?
I, Gino (aka Whizz) did.

Can I put these gadgets on my site?
Ofcource, use Google's website gadget page to do so.

Can you make a *** gadget?
Maybe, e-mail me some details.

Can I change/edit *name of gadget*?
Yes, feel free to do so. Be sure to credit me though :)

Is it safe to use Yahoo! Messenger, AIM Messenger and MSN Messenger? What about my password?
Yes, it's safe to use any of these messengers. You can check the source code if you don't trust it.

Can you add a new language for me to translate to in Babelfish?
No, I can't. I did not make Babelfish and do not own it. You should e-mail Yahoo! if you want new languages to be added.

WTF? The language of the Babelfish gadget changed!!!
That's possible, Google mailed me some translations for Babelfish and I added them. So now you can use Babelfish in your own language.

Why is Babelfish the only gadget with several languages?
That's because Google didn't translate my other gadgets.

Babelfish is not available in my language!
Blame Google, there's no support for every single language.

Where can I report a bug?
Please e-mail me. You can find the address inside the gadgets.

Why do you use Google Page Creator?
Because it's easy and I host the gadgets here.

My mother/boss/teacher/dog blocked MSN/AIM/Yahoo!! How do I get it to work again!?
I'm affraid you can't do this because it's blocked for a reason. You could beg your mother/teacher/dog to unblock it.
Or, download Portable Firefox at www.portableapps.com and use that.