WHIZ: The New, Safe Way to Run MS-DOS Programs

A Little About WHIZ:

WHIZ is a new computer program that runs specifically in Windows, that can safely run and use MS-DOS programs without risk of data loss or malicious backdoors. WHIZ is also made almost entirely with MS-DOS commands, making it simple and easy to understand.

Advantages for MS-DOS Programmers:

Many beginning and teen developers now-a-days use MS-DOS programs to make fun little games with it, and give the code out to friend or DIY groups like Instructables. With WHIZ, and a little help with our friends at ZCore, we can give you the tools you need for us to endorse your batch files, then transfer them into .WHIZ files, which are safe and simpler versions of the batch files we know today that go in the file format .BAT .

Advantages for Gamers and Everyday Tool Users:

WHIZ allows gamers and people who want to use tool apps safely to do so, problem free. When you see a .WHIZ file on WHIZ or on ZCore, you can always know that it is safe to use.

Our Buddies at ZCore:

ZCore is the newest, coolest place for teen and beginning developers to submit their work and allow others to let it be seen. To submit your batch files and games, ZCore receives your games and apps, then posts them on their website, and if they are MS-DOS, they submit it on ours. Interested? Go to http://zcore.forumotion.com/ to see more.

File Information:

The WHIZ application is very low on bytes, due to it's simple coding, which makes WHIZ fast and easy to download without hassle. Also, the WHIZ app keeps itself confined to a single folder, meaning that it allows WHIZ to be carried around on a flash drive, portable gaming devices, and even cell phones and taken anywhere you please! All you have to do is plug in the device with WHIZ, open the WHIZ folder, and open the shortcut that says "Start WHIZ". It's a piece of cake!

Note: WHIZ uses file extension WHIZ or .WHIZ