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Wambayo Samuel

Wambayo Samuel (pictured left) is one of the co-founders and regional directors for the Ugandan based NGO Kids’ Club Kampala. This organization aims to bring hope and show God’s love to vulnerable children in Uganda, with a focus on children that live in the slum areas around the city.

Interview by Lars Nelson

March 2012 

Peace, for me, is something that we are called to do by God.

In the scripture it says “Blessed are the peace makers” so we see that it is something that God wants from us. We can also see that we do not live in a world of peace. In Uganda we are having crime every day, we are having a president that is stealing from his people and lying, we are having children living in the streets with no food. We have a history of war and violence. You can also see that we don’t have peace in ourselves. It’s also something personal. I mean I can tell that I do not have peace. I am worried about this or nervous or I don’t trust the Lord, so really it is something that we need in ourselves too.

 The scriptures tell us that we are to make peace; we are to be God’s instruments.

For me, in my work with the Kids’ Club Kampala (KCK), I can help to make peace in the hearts of the children. I can bring them the word of God and that brings hope and salvation. To me, you can not only look at peace, you also have to look at the whole message of what God wants for his children. That is love and salvation for us through his son Jesus Christ. So I am hoping in the work that I do that I can bring some of that to the hearts of the children. Many of them grow up in very terrible places. They have no parents, or their parents don’t have enough to feed them. Really they are looking for someone and for something. We hope that as an organization we can show them the love of Jesus. We see that love is also as an expression of peace.

Also in our work we are looking to improve the lives of the children that we are ministering to. We are growing in size and support. You know this all started as something very small that we would do with groups of volunteers from the UK and America and now we are actually having a lasting impact as we are a registered NGO here in Uganda. Now that we have more support we help kids with education and funds for school. We also have parties for the children and we want to make it known to them that they are loved and cared for.

I think that if you want to make peace you have to listen to the voice of God. We cannot make peace on our own but we know that with the power of God we can actually do something. It is his power that gives us the strength to fight everyday against the bad things that we see. Without God there can be no peace. So every day you have to ask what you can do to obey the Lord. Ask him in prayer to intervene in your life so that you can become someone of peace. Again I can’t say that we only hope for peace, we are hoping the will of the Lord can be completed and we know that to mean what is best for all of us.

But it’s hard you know. There are many times when I don’t see a change in the kids. We can’t change all of Uganda but still we are going to try to do what God tells us to do.