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Vang Moua

Vang Moua recently became the Pastor of the Hmong Alliance Church of Spokane in 2010 and has also done missionary work in Southeast Asia.  All this was possible with God’s help and protection. He received his degree in Engineering and became the owner of M-Tronic Inc. located north of Spokane. His experience and hard-working nature as a pastor, missionary, business owner, father of four children, and a grandfather of two beautiful grand-daughters are greatly acknowledged and well-respected by those around him.

Interview By Mailia Yang

May 2012

            I take on a Christian stance of how I define peace.  Peace is when a person learns to understand people around them, accept them as who they are, listen to and care for everyone; but not just those whom they get along with and like most.  This definition of peace can also be applied to what love is, for love and peace come hand in hand.  

            I plan on living a simple life and hope that living in harmony and treating everyone the same will be an example to those around me. That is my way of promoting peace in his community. The behavior and actions of Christians is what I stress the most because that not only preserves the integrity of the Christian faith, but it can convert and change peoples’ hearts. Fundamentally, when people have witnessed the way I have behaved and lived, I pray and hope that they too will try to better their lives.

            Yet, I acknowledge that there are many areas in the Spokane community where there will always be people in need and discriminated against. This is why I suggest that everyone must love and care for each other no matter what color, race, or size they are and must also build the community and provide services for those in need. The dedication and commitment to only repay evil with good will essentially bring peace to all. Again, this has to do with the behavior and lifestyle I hope to attain through my work as a believer and follower of Christ.  Thus, I do want to give assurance to those who might be discouraged in their trials and tribulations: always remember that love is most important and most powerful; if you love one another, there will always be peace.  No matter how discouraging life may seem in your own community, continue to love and peace will continue to stay alive.

            As for students who are wondering about how to promote peace and what to learn about peace, I would recommend that students be actively living out their faith in Jesus Christ and use the Bible as guidance. Living out your faith means to actively spread the love of God by your actions and behavior. Even though a person may not see all the positive effects in the short-run, the patience in living a meaningful and loving style will benefit the community in the long-run because I strongly believe that all positive characteristics are generated from love. Peace is also a characteristic of love. Therefore, if we continue to follow the definition of what peace and love is, we can fully promote peace in our community. It’s understandable that peace comes from the individual basis but if each person begins loving one another, peace can then flourish collectively.