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Molly Hough

Molly Hough is the Program Coordinator at Generation Alive in Spokane, Washington.
Interview by Brianne Mattila May 2015

I see peace as a lifestyle. I don’t think it is something you can just get up and decide to do one day or just a simple act. For me personally, it is the peace of Christ that made me a Christian. That peace has continued to teach me and permeate into parts of my life and worldview. It all comes back to how we see other people. I think you see other people differently when you have peace. Even if they are your enemy, it’s choosing to see them in a way that makes them equal to you and that doesn’t make you better than them. You are able to make everyone human, not an object or a thing to get out of the way.

In my work I have a more activist point of view of peace. To me peace is not complacency; peace is very active. Peace totally drives why I do what I do. I feel like the Lord has continued to transform my heart to have fresh eyes each day because you just get so tainted. It is really hard working towards peace and to have the patience for peace and justice because it is so easy to get discouraged and disappointed by the things going on. So if you can come at it with a very rested spirit of peace, knowing that you are not the person who ultimately controls peace. You are simply being able to live into a lifestyle that will hopefully affect other people in a positive way. To me this takes off this burden that it is my sole responsibility to create this place of peace for people. To me it is very clear that God is in us, He has asked us to do His work but this doesn’t give us an excuse to sit around and say ‘oh God will do it’. I think it is our job to invite other people into this lifestyle of peace and to have this transformation of peace in each other’s lives, but I don’t think it is up to us to control it.

I honestly don’t think we will ever have peace all across the globe with every person and thing without some form of dictator or totalitarian government, but then is that really the heart of peace, because then it is not a choice but something that was given to you to do. It is an individual choice to invite other people into that space of peace and collectively, ideally we would all be able to live into that but as you know human nature has distorted that. But also don’t think it is an excuse to say, “oh it is human nature sorry”. I think evil is having its time right now and that sucks. But my faith part of me has to believe that there is just a totally bigger plan that we can’t comprehend where good will win. In the big picture that makes sense.

In order to help others promote peace, I think you have to look at the person and help them discern what they are passionate about and challenge them to continue to gain knowledge and wisdom of what specifically looks like in their field. It can’t just be this idea of peace, there has to be these tangible active steps working towards that. First, you have to know your research and sit down and have conversation with these people that you are trying to serve to know the people you are serving. Continue to actively battle against the idea that you are better than them, because it is such a pride and human nature thing that creeps in so easily. Constantly asking yourself, was I truly treating that person as someone who I am inviting in to living this type of lifestyle of peace or was I just telling them what I think is best for them from the little that I know?

You also have to protect your hope, and that is something that I think people are losing. Hope is a verb not a noun and part of protecting is not letting it become complacent. You have to protect it and instill it in others. I think the best way to learn about peace is to pair it with education and action. You’ve got to know the history of the issue because you are not the first leader who has thought of this idea. We have to know the history, suffering, and challenges and then see what you can contribute to that, and it can’t just be from a textbook it needs to be from the people you are in relationship with. We can learn from each other and have the humility to say I am not the expert on this go find someone who is. You need to know who you are, and your strengths, and be at peace within.