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Keith Davis

Keith Davis, Founder of International Assistance Program

Interview by Anika Engels, May 2014

There are a number of things which peace can be identified with such as personal peace and world peace. To get to a place of peace in the world, it must begin with internal peace of each person to then be able to create peace amongst individuals and spread to nations.  Peace is a state of being, a lack of war or personal strife.  The best word I can think of describing it would be a state of tranquility. I believe that perfect peace is God given to individuals who pursue a relationship with Him and live out their lives in obedience and love for others.

The work that I do through International Assistance Program (IAP) has been focused on nationals in low income countries as we develop community by confronting physical and spiritual poverty within these communities. This builds relationships and inspires hope which when done with a serving posture will bring internal peace as well as community peace as they interact with one another and with Americans that help serve them. For example, the children’s home in Ghana which IAP helped create, takes children from negative environments either lacking family or suffering from family strife.  It gives them a home with hope and a family atmosphere so that the children have the opportunity to find tranquility and learn about God.  The children’s home brings a sense of oneness to the community where it’s located by providing stability which further brings peace to the area on an individual basis and between people.  The message of God is spread through the example of the children’s home as it gives to the community.  Stability in a community creates a type of peace.  IAP has brought medical clinics, children’s homes, micro loans and water wells to communities in turmoil.  All these projects are a way of bringing peace to communities and deep relationships between Americans and those we serve. 

My family and I came to the understanding that God’s call for us was to live out the peace and life He has given us and impact a world in desperate need. We began to understand the need and recognized His design for my family as we studied His word and heard the stories of others working around the world mending other people’s lives.  These stories pushed me to take my family to live a life in mission.  We had to learn that the world is not our home, but a place that we are passing through and need to help restore the world to God’s wishes.  God is perfect peace.  By spreading His word but more importantly living out His word is how peacemakers work.  Discipling others to live out God’s word is where true peace spreads person to person.  The selfish, sinful nature of humanity pushes us away from God and His peace.  It is a spiritual dynamic that must champion inside individuals.  This inner peace and spiritual aspect guides people to make the correct decisions that will respect God, others, nature and self that will create the greatest peace.