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Hans Liezen

Hans Liezen is an Associate Area Director for Spokane Young Life. Hans and his fellow area director here in Spokane are responsible for fundraising about $220,000 a year. They manage 70 volunteer leaders, two committees of about 10 people each, run a few large area fundraisers a year that promote what the ministry of Young Life is doing in Spokane and thank the current donor base continually. In the summer Hans will oversee a couple hundred kids attending Young Life camps throughout the Northwest. On a daily basis Hans is responsible for recruiting, training and retaining Young Life volunteer leaders, supervising five clubs at local Spokane schools, building and maintaining relationships with administrations at local public schools, building and maintaining the donor base, communicating with parents and Young Life National, and directly overseeing the club and team at Ferris and Lewis & Clark high schools.

Interview by Joel Gabriele May 2015

Peace to me is living life one day at a time, rolling with the punches life throws to you, and holding loosely the many stresses and problems that come my way, knowing I am secure eternally in my relationship with Christ. The life of a teenager is anything but peaceful. They are surrounded by hurt, loss, rejection, stereotypes, and living in a social media driven world that is constantly reinforcing lies about their identity and what’s important in life. I think a peaceful life is full of hope, and a message of hope is what we are trying to share with the teenagers we work with. There have been 5 teenage suicides in Spokane in the last 6 months. Those kids needed a reason to live, a hope in something beyond themselves and what their world around them is telling them.

Kids need more adults and healthy role models in their lives. More people that will encourage them, be there for them, and tell them that their identity is not in what their peers, the media or Facebook is telling them. There needs to be more stability in relationships and marriages so kids can have a firm foundation and support to grow up in. Kids needs parents that they can really depend on, who help give them a purpose and vision for their future. Ultimately kids need Jesus. That phrase, “you can be the change you wish to see in the world” is a very true statement. We have to model to the next generation what it means to live a life of purpose, and how to put others before ourselves. If we lived out the simple principles the Bible spells out to love your neighbor, forgive your enemy, treat others how you want to be treated, that would eliminate the awful things we do to other humans. Easier said than done, yes, but we can change our community and the next generation by doing those things. I tell my Young Life leaders to help give kids a vision for their lives bigger than the one society or their family has given them. Help them break the cycles of abuse, poverty, or low standards that have been placed on them. We effectively promote peace in our community by loving one more kid.