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Charlene Allen

Charlene Allen is a minister that lives in the western part of Washington.  In 2010 she started doing missions work around the world. Her first mission trip was Reynosa, Mexico then in 2012 she went to Malawi, Africa. Then next she did work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In 2014 she did two missions trips, the first was to Managua, Nicaragua then the second was to Kathmandu, Nepal. She also travels the United States and does ministry work, also she serves locally in several outreach projects. In 2012 she reestablished W.I.S.D.O.M. Ministries.
Interview by Tevyn Stevenson, May 2015

What Peace means to me is having an internal rest and insurance in God so that even in times of struggle they are not flustered because they know they have Christ on their side. Then what external peace means to me is living in world that does not have war or struggle that would be peace. When I go to a place and it appears to the eye as being helpless I can give them hope by giving them internal peace that can be found with Jesus Christ. When I go to a foreign country it looks like the country is in turmoil and chaos to me and the American eye, but to the people living in the country it is just normal because they have never seen what non chaos looks like, so instead of trying to show them what external peace is I just try to give them that internal peace through Christ.

A way to make peace more prominent is have people experience what it is like to be in an environment that has peace. An example is when I get to prisons to do my prison ministries, I see inmates that are living in a place of turmoil and restlessness, I try to create an environment where they can feel peace and then I try to teach them how to live out that newly found peace. The only way peace can exist is if people can experience it and once you experience it you want to keep living in that peace because if you never experience peace you will never know what it feels like to have it and you will think what you were living in before is normal or okay. One thing I always say is once you experience truth the false has no value, and in this case the peace is the truth and non- peace has no value.

How people can appropriately promote peace is to recognize when you are not at peace yourself, then you try to seek it out. When you have done that try and recognize it in others and try to help them find peace. For example when I am at my state job and I see one of my co-workers that are not at peace and are distraught I try help them find that source of peace and encourage them throughout the day, if more people did this I think it would really create more peaceful places. Another example of this would be the situation in Baltimore, a way to promote a peaceful environment there would be for someone in there to recognize there is not peace, and then pull people aside and just talk to them and listen to what they have to say, because people just want to be heard. Then after listening to what they have to say, try to help them in any way that you can. When I went to Ferguson during that whole incident I went to the place where he was shot and the neighbors were really protective and wondering why we were there. We told them we were there to support and pray then I asked if I could pray for them and they allowed me to do so. After they told us their story and why they were upset about the situation, also they told us the connection with the boy. In the end they just wanted their story told and for people to listen to them.

Every peace studies student should go to a third world country to what it is like to live without privilege so their value system would change and they would come back with a changed attitude and be more humble and grateful. This would help because they would have a softer heart and by having a softer heart it will change the way you see things and you would want to help those people and everyone experience peace also it would make it that you would never want to wage war cause it would create non-peace and you would not that for those people or anyone. We have to find a way to have peace without violence.