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Bickey Lloyd

Bickey Lloyd (pictured bottom right) is the Director of Events, Communications and Systems at Compassion First. Compassion First is a non-profit, evangelical organization whose mission is to live for the sake of others, which they do through providing long-term, hope-filled solutions for victims of child sexual trafficking. The ultimate objective of her job at CF is to facilitate advocates who directly impact, in positive ways, the survivors in their care--survivors of child sexual trafficking.

Interview by Julie Lilliquist

May 2012

Peace, as I perceive it, is ultimately knowing that the way I'm living my life is in alignment with "the greater good" (or in my case, coming from an Evangelical Christian's point of view, God and His will).  I believe there are different kinds of peace as well; societal peace and personal peace. In both kinds, I don't believe peace to necessarily be the absence of struggle, unrest, non-violent conflict, etc. In both kinds, I do believe peace to include tolerance, patience, kindness, grace, acceptance, and an effort to understand. In other words: dialogue, empathy, compassion, solidarity, love, joy and happiness, etc.

My personal peace in what I do at Compassion First flows, most definitely, from knowing that I'm involved in effecting others for good--in the knowledge that I'm creating for others, opportunities for justice, freedom, love, compassion and wholeness, but also in that I work for an organization that is purely motivated. For instance, one of CF's core values is: We are motivated by love. In being motivated by both love and service for others, CF is fully accepting of and enthusiastic about partnership with those who do not share our world view, and we do not discriminate.

I love this! I love it because it affirms that the work I do is motivated by nothing less than love itself.... that there is nothing that keeps us from offering opportunities for freedom, inner health & well-being, safety, security, personal growth & betterment, healthy relationships and love to anyone in need. This brings about an incredible amount of peace for me, and I would hazard to say, to society.

In order to promote peace, I believe that one must start out and commit themselves to being aware, or being made aware, and competent of the things that cause oppression, persecution, violence and injustice. I believe this because these issues are components of what prevents the larger concept of peace. As M.L.K. Jr. said, "Without justice, there can be no peace." I believe that to have peace is to not only practice peace but to be an advocate of peace, therefore I think one of the most incredible displays of the promotion of peace is the laying down of one's self for the sake of another.

Some books that I would suggest to someone interested in studying more on peace are:

Journey to the Common Good, by Walter Brueggemann

Exclusion & Embrace: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Otherness, and Reconciliation, by Miroslav Volf

The Prudent Peace: Law As Foreign Policy, by John A. Perkins