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Benjamin Jarquin

Benjamin Jarquin is part of the leadership of YWAM Costa Rica, who agreed to share his thoughts on peace and peace-making. What follows are a compilation of his words, thoughts and answers to the question of “What is peace, and how do you make it?”

Interview and Translation by Andrew Pearce

April 2013

 Both peace and war begin internally. It starts with the violence or peace, inside a person, violence or peace with themselves. It continues outwards, becoming relationships of violence or of peace. To build peace, one must start with the individual, bringing peace to them. In bringing peace to them, they become the agents of change in their household, in their families. Families in turn bring peace to communities, which change cities, which can save the nation. It starts individually however, and the only way to do that well is one on one contact. Only through relationship, only through one on one contact can someone change an entire system of violence, an entire nation, towards peace. It happens individually. 

 The problem is that we, as humans, cannot change or fix each other. We cannot bring peace, we cannot transform ourselves, let alone those around us. The only force which can do so is the power of Jesus, changing people from the inside out, changing the very language they speak. The language of Jesus is the language of a man who died with his hands outstretched and open, not hands balled into fists. It’s a language which does not make any sense to the world, as Paul said, “the wisdom of God sounds like foolishness to wisdom of men.” This new language, which we as humans learn to speak, is what changes each person from people of violence to people of peace who will go on to practice peace.

 I work every Monday which an organization for recovering drug addicts, where I preach a message of transformation for these men. These men, transformed, are agents of change in their families, in their communities, in their old circles in a way I never will be. They have been through things and they can speak to those who are dealing with the same, one on one, relationally like I have told you. This is how I make peace in my home and my community. I do it one on one, allowing God to change men of violence to men of peace.

 Our base in Heredia, Costa Rica is open and available for any and all who want to come help however they can. We work to have a peaceful, sustainable base, which interacts with our community well. We want to embody families, friends, and communities of peace, with what we eat, the way we live, the place we live in. To do this, we spend much of our time farming, learning to care for God’s creation as stewards, learning to live as people of peace. 

 To contact Benjamin Jarquin, email for any information regarding YWAM, Costa Rica, or El Alfarero (rehab center)