Trash Service

To limit the number of trash trucks going through the neighborhood, Whitfield Woods has negotiated a neighborhood rate ($14/mo, $42/quarter including recycling) with AMERICAN DISPOSAL (previously Liberty). In order to get the rate, you must call and identify yourself as a homeowner in this neighborhood. If Whitfield Woods maintains a 90% participation, they provide free pool trash service, which saves our community hundreds of $ a year. Call 678 720 0500 Identify yourself as a Whitfield Woods homeowner to get the agreed to $14 per month/$42 per quarter price.

American has recently merged with another company and we will be working on a continued agreement with the new company. We are hopeful that a suitable rate can be negotiated with the new company.

Dogs in Whitfield Woods

Did you all know Cobb County has several ordinances relating to pets? For example, the County limits a dog barking to a max of 15 minutes, then the County Police can be called and they will address the problem.

There have been numerous complaints about dogs in the neighborhood.

PLEASE stop your dogs from barking. Don’t leave your dog outside unattended. If your dog starts barking, bring them inside immediately, so your neighbors don’t hear them.

PLEASE pick up after your dogs. There is a leash law in Cobb County. If your dog is off your property, it must be on a leash.