Whitfield Ranch is located 5 miles southwest of Blue Ridge, TX and 8 miles northeast of Princeton, TX in northeastern Collin County.  With a combination of large hardwood trees, big cedars, open pasture, and a very deep stock tank, it's an ideal place to raise Boer goats.  Our herd was started in 2007, and with the infusion of a good bloodline buck has produced some fine animals.  Whether you're looking to introduce a new bloodline into your herd, use goats to clear your land, or need cabrito or chevon for your next big family celebration, we can fulfill your needs at a reasonable price.  It's worth the drive - we've had people come from as far away as Sulpher Springs, Boyd, and even Talihina, OK!
Our goats are well-maintained.  They are wormed regularly and undergo hoof trimming as needed.  We supplement their normal grazing diet with dry feed and keep "energizer" mineral blocks available to the herd.  Good shelter and water is always available.