The perfect cake for your perfect day. 

Here are pictures of some of my favorite wedding cakes that I have had the opportunity to make recently. Click the thumbnail photo to see more pictures of each cake.

This is a three-tiered square wedding cake with white fondant and ribbon around the base of each tier. This is an extremely popular cake right now.

This wedding cake was a four-tiered square cake with buttercream icing. The base of each tier was lined with sliced lemons, oranges, and limes.

This was a three-tiered, hexagon-shaped cake with fondant and ribbon wrapped around the base of each tier. The middle tier has pink fondant.

This square fondant-covered cake was "offset" style. That means that the middle tier was turned at a 45 degree angle to the top and bottom tiers.

A hexagon-shaped "non-stacked" cake.
Covered with fondant that was colored purple for the top and bottom tiers. The middle tier is white.

Square and stacked, this was covered with white fondant, and each tier was wrapped with white fondant "ribbon".  Macadamia chocolates were placed on each base as a final touch.

Another hexagon cake covered in fondant.