I'll try to add some videos of my dogs at their  training sessions, trials, or maybe some of them just  being dogs.


Event Videos

Most of our videos can be found at YouTube


Here are a few others hosted somewhere other than YouTube

1. Jazz earns her NAJ

I came across this on an old memory stick for my camcorder.  The first several seconds are out of focus but the rest shows Jazz running wild on the AKC JWW course in Sioux Falls, S.D. in July of 2004.  This is the run where she earned her very first title (NAJ).

2. Molly & Jazz dig for critters

Molly & Puppy Jazz love to chase these little critters that live in the ground at our favorite vacation spot.  Jazz was just a few months old in this video.  Gosh she was cute!  No critters were harmed in the making of this video.

3. Molly gets lost in a tunnel

Another video found on that old memory stick.  This one is of Molly running a JWW course at the same trial in Sioux Falls.  She gets lost in one of the tunnels and has trouble with the weaves but she seemed to enjoy herself.

5. Jazz the Tunnel Bug

This looks like a NADAC Novice Regular course in Lawrence, KS, probably fall of 2004.  Jazz did well but took the tunnel instead of the dog walk, which cost us the Q.  This was one of those mysterious lost memory stick videos.