Shasta Pedigree

Born 5-4-05

Tilden, NE

Shasta is my Bi Blue Baby and "emergency back up agility dog".  She comes from the same breeder as Jazzy but a different line. 

 She is very energetic, fast and powerful.  Shasta started showing in Agility during 2006.  She didn't earn any titles that year but did come home with a few Q's.

She is also a Rally Dog and earned her RN during the 2006 NKC Show. Shasta also started working as a therapy dog in the fall of 2006, a career that she is well suited for and really enjoys.  

"T-Bear", as she is sometimes known, has even tried Dog Scootering (or Dry Land Mushing).  She loves it and she is easily my best "Mushing" Dog.

Shasta  loves people and other dogs, so the dog show world is a great place for her to grow up.   Where ever she goes, she is the center of all attention, probably because of her outgoing personality, unusual coat  and different colored eyes. Yes,  she totally loves the attention.  And if you aren't careful, you will probably get a big, wet, sloppy kiss from My Baby Blue. 


 J & M's Shasta My Baby Blue



First Snow!


                     Shasta being "stacked' for the picture

                                 Age 10 Months

 Minnesota - December 2007 - Novice Hoopers Title


Best  Pals, Shasta & Jazzy




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