Agility Vision - A place to see Agility Videos, Blogs & Dogs

Agility Events.Net -  Where we find our upcoming shows

Bonefide Dog Academy - Our new Training Home

Kenl Inn - A place we sometimes train in Lincoln

Midlands Pet Therapy  - Jazz, Molly & Shasta are all MPT dogs

Helping Udders  - Visit our pals Petey & Tony, they sell the coolest stuff

K-9 Sheena - Lorrie and her BC's

BC Thunder Paws - Our friends from the North, Colleen and her amazing BC's

Jessie Royer - We have helped sponsor Jessie's run to Nome a couple of times

Sheltie Bloodlines - An interesting site devoted to following a Sheltie's Pedigree

Kevin Devine Photography - Many of the White Star Sheltie's pictures were taken by Kevin

Paws & Effect Canine MassageJazz & Shasta love getting a massage from Julie!

Paws & Effect Agility Club - A really great agility club from Des Moines

Ready Steady Go Agility Club  - An Agility club from the Muscatine, Iowa area

NADAC - Our Favorite Agility Venue

Candy's Canines/Fun Dog Agility   - Our friend, Cheryl Carter's training facility

The Phantom Memorial    -  Dedicated to the memory of Jazzy's World Famous Relative

Quick Dog Agility  -  Home of Dave and his dogs, Auggie & Eli  (Auggie is Jazzy's NADAC Arch Rival)

MMBC - Minnesota Mixed Breed Club, they host some really fun shows!

U2 Kan Du AgilityMatt & Martha are simply the best!


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