Jazzy's Pedigree

Born 2-23-03

Tilden, NE

Jazzy is my main Agility dog.  She lives and breathes Agility. Jazzy loves running NADAC, where she has earned a number of titles and  competes at the Elite level.  She has also earned titles in AKC.  

Theres more ...

Jazzy has tried her paw at  Rally where she earned her RN title during the summer of 2006.  She has also tried Flyball and more recently, dog scootering. 

 Even more ... 

Jazz does Pet Therapy in her free time, visiting hospital patients or residents at local nursing homes.  Yes, she is a busy girl but also the sweetest, most loving, loyal & smart  pup ever. 


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  J & M's Jasmine Summer Breeze

NA, AXJ, OF, EAC, OJC, ECC, S-TG-E, S-WV-E, E-WV-300, S-TN-E, TNE-300, HP-O, RN,  CGC