Welcome to White Rose Ladies Speakers Club

Does your heart pound, your mouth go dry and do your knees knock at the very thought of having to get up and speak in front of a crowd?

Are you tongue tied and nervous at interviews? 

Do you avoid any situation where you might be asked to speak in public?


White Rose Ladies Speakers Club members aim to give women, regardless of age or background, the opportunity to learn and develop their speaking skills in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Over the years White Rose has helped many women improve their speaking skills and boost their self-confidence. Our success is down to maintaining a small group of experienced Speakers that help guide new members to speak with confidence and without fear. We aim to release energy, talent and potential.

We also have a great deal of fun at each and every meeting. We are an extremely friendly and helpful group of women who believe that humour is part and parcel of the learning process. So come along and meet us and find out why we all look so happy!

Your First Meeting

You can attend three meetings free of charge.  This is your opportunity to check that what we have to offer is what you want.  Visitors can either join in straight away or otherwise they are welcome just to observe the proceedings for the first couple of visits.

A Typical Night

During a typical meeting 2 people deliver a prepared speech of their own choosing.  We also have an impromptu speaking session where everyone is offered the opportunity to speak for 2-3 minutes on a subject given to them during the “topics” session.  All speakers are given friendly, helpful feedback by another member.  This “evaluator” highlights the positive, good points of the speaker and makes helpful suggestions for improvement.  Evaluation is a key reason for our success in helping others develop – everyone gets feedback – whatever their role.  

As well as giving speeches we also show you how to run a meeting, with everyone taking turns in the different roles e.g. Chairman, Evaluator, Topics Chair.

By the end of the evening you will discover why our members keep coming back - we have fun.


7.30: Members and visitors start to arrive.

7.45:  President’s welcome and hand over to the Chairman for the evening

Speeches – Usually 2 or three prepared speeches lasting 6-8 minutes, each speech is then evaluated by another member.  

        This feedback covers new skills being demonstrated as well as previously learned techniques.

Break for coffee/tea and biscuits!

9:00 Topics Session & Evaluation – Members are asked to speak for 2-3 minutes on a subject without preparation.  This may sound a little daunting but it is an excellent way to start speaking and is usually a lot of fun.

9.50 General Evaluation - the meeting is evaluated primarily on the quality of organisation and content.  

Come along to one of our meetings. You will be made very welcome.