Stories for the Young at Heart

Stories for the Young at Heart

Stories for the Young at Heart

*Story #1*

Poof! Be A Cat!

More than anything else in the world, Gretchen wanted a cat. Of course, her parents said no. You’ll find that this story is probably scarier for adults than it is for children since Gretchen knew the magic spell to turn each of her parents into a cat.


*Story #2*

The Shrinking Bully

Three years ago, Gretchen had worked her magic to acquire two cats. It was bad enough that sixth-grader bully Jeff thought it was okay to bully every kid in the school who was smaller than him, now he thought it was okay to threaten to harm her two cats. She and her best friend Sally decided it was time to work their magical powers on Jeff. If they actually managed to make him shrink one inch a day, pretty soon, he wouldn’t be the biggest kid in the school, he would be the smallest.


*Story #3*

Scrawny Ann

A pale-faced, skinny girl with carrot-top hair entered the third grade in a new town. Read about her special powers when she was forced to confront the biggest bully in the school - Bully Bob.


*Story #4*

The Plant-Baby

Mama Plant was greatly dismayed when a piece of trash almost crushed the life out of her Plant-Baby. Who would save him? How about you? What kind of role will you play to protect the plants and all other aspects of Mother Earth?


*Story #5*

Wallyhoo – The Ghost Who Couldn’t Say Boo

How would you like to go to a school where the teachers expected you to yell a lot? I know a boy by the name of Wallyhoo who went to a school like that. He didn’t like it at all.


*Story #6*

Two Wishes For Tony

What would you do if a snail offered you two wishes in exchange for not stepping on him? Would you agree? What would you wish for? Tony got the same offer. His wishes, however, were not what you would expect.


*Story #7*

Laura’s Adventure In The Cemetery

Laura woke up to find herself inside a crypt in an old cemetery. Suddenly, she is confronted by a voice claiming to be her. Will Laura survive this strange adventure? Will she ever see her home again? Which of the three endings do you like the best?


*Story #8*

The Ghost Boy

Tim became conscious that there were footsteps shadowing him at his every turn. When he forced himself to bravely confront the intruder, he discovered it was a Ghost Boy making a very special request.


*Story #9*

Brian And The Skeletons

Brian was not a bit afraid when he was confronted by five skeletons. He even offered to play a game with them. Who will win – the skeletons or Brian?


*Story #10*

Beautiful From The Inside Out (A Harelip Tale)

This is a story about a girl born with a harelip. A harelip is a split called a cleft in the person’s upper lip. Unfortunately, often when we see a person with some kind of physical handicap, we immediately impose negative judgments of some kind on that person. That is what happened to Emily.


*Story #11*

The Incredible Wish or If I Were One Centimeter High

Imagine that a fairy godmother actually gave you three wishes. Virginia's first wish was that she would no longer stutter. Her second wish was that every night, she would be one centimeter high so she could actually play inside her doll house. She wasn't sure what she wanted her third wish to be. Virginia had such fun playing in her dollhouse every night until one night . . .


*Story #12*

A Jackie Tale

Perhaps you have heard of the many fine Jack tales compiled and edited by Richard Chase. I felt it was about time that a girl got the lead role in one of those stories. So here are the adventures of Jackie - a cousin of that goofy-guy named Jack.

White Reindeer, Kudzu Monster, & Other Tales Of Wonder
by DJ Lyons (pen name for Debbie Dunn)
ISBN: 978-1-4489-7603-4
291 pages, 6 x 9
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Publish Date: December 2009

* Click HERE to buy paperback version for $9.95 from PublishAmerica.
* Click HERE to buy soft cover version for $27.95 from PublishAmerica.


* Click HERE to buy soft cover version for $27.95 from Amazon.

* Click HERE to e-mail Debbie about a book-signing or one-woman show based on the book, or you can call her directly at (423) 422-9728.

* The White Reindeer book is a collection of 32 short stories and novellas by DJ Lyons:

* White Reindeer - Lost on a Norwegian mountain, DJ faces rock slides, raging waterfalls and other challenges. Miraculously, a white reindeer appears and leads her to safety. Click HERE to see some photos and for more information.

* Kudzu Monster - An unlikely love story involving a young frontier girl and the Kudzu Monster who saves her life. Click HERE to see some photos, videos, and for more information.

* Trapped in Beaumaris Castle - Gwyn agrees to spend the night in a haunted castle. What he sees finally puts to rest a 700-year-old question: How did the king's archer die? Click HERE to see some photos, videos, and for more information.

* Grandmother Lyons' Tales - True stories about a tornado, a Civil War love story, a scam, a premonition saving two lives and a scary Rag Man. Click HERE to see some photos and for more information.

* 12 Tales of Wonder plus 12 Stories for the Young At Heart - Exciting adventures involving ghosts, wishes, secrets, bullies, animals, amazing characters, a Broccoli Monster, fairy godmothers, magic and fun.
Click HERE to see some videos and for more information about 12 Tales of Wonder.
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