The first apple trees at White Pine Orchard were planted in 1975 and, from that time, the whole farm has been managed in an organic manner, using the purest ecological standards.  Through education, experience, experimentation and focused observation of the trees and turf, a holistic and ecological management system evolved.  Using that knowledge, my goal has been to provide customers with apples grown in the most earth friendly way possible.

Set in the picturesque hills six miles east of River Falls, our apple orchard is ideally located between the divide of the south fork of the Kinnikinnic River and the Trimble River watersheds.  Limestone bedrock (full of calcium) under several feet of soil is also ideal for growing apples.  The orchard is relatively small, with three acres of standard and semi-dwarf trees of what I call the Minnesota varieties (Minjon, Red Baron, Sweet 16, Haralson, Fireside, Connell Red, Prairie Spy) as well as two disease resistant varieties, Rosa Libre and Liberty. 

White Pine Orchard is KID FRIENDLY! 
I try to engage children of all ages, especially the younger ones, with the wonder of picking their own apple off the tree.  Kids can always pick one apple free of charge even if you are not picking a whole bag.  We might talk about bugs or birds or trees, but mostly I answer their questions about nature.  Kids always have a good time!  (Hayrides and corn maze are not available.)

Customer Comments:
For many years our family has made the trip to White Pine Orchard to purchase our fall apples.  I could purchase organic apples in the coop closer to the Twin Cities but it is the experience of personally connecting with Keith who has put his time and love into growing these apples that brings us back year after year.  I enjoy the simplicity of the orchard, the opportunity to learn something new or be reminded of pieces of growing apples that I had forgotten. 
I love to walk through the trees and even lay down in the grass and look up at the apples yet to be picked.  Keith is such a kind hearted soul that it warms my heart to visit.  My son has been asking me for the past couple of months already when we can get apples for apple sauce!!  (Kim Pilgrim, St. Paul)

What a treat! The organic apples were crisp and juicy and the orchard was beautiful and well cared for. I will definitely refer family and friends to vist Keith and his Organic Apple Orchard. It was worth the drive! Thank you!  (Jim A., Minneapolis)

If you're sick of the commercial apple-picking places, skip the hayrides and the lines,
and head to White Pine Orchard. These apples are great.

Keith also has the apple cider is the best I've ever tasted. Anywhere.

(Jeff Hertzberg, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day)

Reviews:  http://www.artisanbreadinfive.com/?p=995

A white pine is a harp through which the wind makes music (Thoreau)