Version 1.03 (2012-09-16)

- Minor changes to the user-interface with support of Windows themes
- New "Disable" option to stop a processing without closing it. Available through application main window or system tray icon.
- "Mute" option is now (also) available through application system tray icon
- Application shipped with a new set of sound files samples
- Application shipped with a new install / uninstall application
- Fixed bug when installing / uninstalling when application is running
- Fixed bug when playing same sound file in a different channel
- Fixed bug when playing a sound file that does not exist

Version 1.02.030 (2008-09-07)
- New event type to setup synthesizer volume level
- Shows "Already running" message when an user starts WNSS a second time, instead of a silent "refuses to run"
- Keeps playing while adding/editing events
- Event list shows a check mark on every event item played (automatically cleared at midnight)
- Fixed bug when playing WAV files
- Minor changes to the user-interface

Version 1.02.029 (2007-12-29)
- First Public Release