Local BoyZ Racing in the White Mtns


TWM Recovery Ride/Race
Sunday Oct 5th 2014   8:30am
Mud Springs on Forest road #3
34.20947° N 109.78559° W

GPX file on Downloads Page

Direction from Show Low:

follow US-60 E
14.0 mi / 14 min
Turn right onto Co Rd 3148, Show Low Cross Roads at Storage Place
1.2 mi

ZigZag Right/Left Onto Forest road #44
4.9 mi / 19 min

At the T go Left 150 yds if that road is still muddy park on road or circle in another 100yds up the road.

Past Events
Burros Sudo Enduro 
See Results below 

LoP/Burros Endurance XC 32.8mi
& a Short One Lap of Los Burros race 12mi
Not just for Locals, Everyone Invited
Limited to the 1st 72 riders, not likely to get close to that Number
But you can add you name in the comments section on the Download page

8am May 17th 2014
@Vernon/McNary rd. & Rez line cattle guard

No entry fee, prize list or aid stations
I will stash water jugs around 1/2 way
several springs along or close to course that could be used w/ water filter


LoP/Burros XC Enduro 33mi

    • Philip Hantel     3Hr 10min
    • Mike Kunnecke 3hr 47min
    • Ben Dugdale    4hr 10min

Los Burros 13mi

  • Kimberly Dugdale    n/a
  • Doug Brown             n/a  
  • Dooley Vanyo           n/a
  • Jay Natoli                 n/a

This course will be minimally marked at intersection & turns, but I'd advise carrying a cue sheet & a GPS w/ gpx file mapped.

Local BoyZ LoP/Burros endurance XC Cue Sheet

Be fully self supported, Cell phone coverage is spotty on much of the course   

It’s recommended to use a GPS or phone w/ mapping app for this event. 

It’s also recommended to have a pencil to correct the cue sheet mileage references with your speedo if they begin to vary

.8mi     At Chipmunk & Los Burros go straight (east)

    White Diamonds LB6 thur LB22

4.9mi     at Los Burros shortcut trail, Go right & stay on Los Burros Loop (don’t take shortcut)

    White Diamonds LB46 thur LB66

10.1mi   at Los Burros & #267 rd, stay straight on Los Burros trail (you are gonna be back here later)

    LB67 only White Diamond in this leg

10.3mi    turn right (north) onto the 4 Springs tr

    White Diamonds F1 thur F20  (if you notice F39, Ignore it, don’t go that way)

19.4mi     At Land of the Pioneers trail (LoP) go straight (south) up Ecks Mtn

                    White Diamonds L16 thur L23

21.4mi     at Shortcut trail go right (south) - if you get to the lip of a Box Canyon, you just missed it 

                    White Diamonds L38 down thur F36

22.2mi     at the end of Shortcut trail go right (west) onto LoP trail

White Diamonds L13 & L14

 Gets Tricky - Keep an eye out for Pink flagging tape w/ blue markings

22.9mi    At the next hiker gate + road gate take a left (south) across road onto the 3C extension Double track.

23.4mi     at #3 road go stright across (south) onto #3C road

24.2mi   at multi double track intersection take the first left (east), you should see a gate immediately

24.5mi     at the #4 road turn right (south)

26mi     exit the #4 road right/straight (#4 rd curves left/east at this point) onto a pine needle covered double track

26mi   pine needle double tracks forks immediately, Stay Left

26.2mi       Go right (east) on double track (watch for pink w/ blue flagging tape)

26.9mi Stay right (south) on double track (watch for pink w/ blue flagging tape)


27mi     at #9012 road (T intersection) go left (south/east)

28.2mi  at #267 road go left (south)

28.6mi Stay straight on road across the Los Burros trail (you crossed here before)

28.7mi     Turn right onto Lake Mtn Fire Tower road

29mi         turn left onto Los Burros trail, (Strava seg known as ‘Backslider’)

      White Diamonds LB68 thur LB75 & then LB1 thur LB5

32.1mi     at Chipmunk Turn right, back to Start/Finish @ 32.8mi