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Anonymous  Dream Songs  
Josh Bernstein  The Life Expectancy of Sand   
jen besemer 10 Word Problems   
Robin Wyatt Dunn Drive Thru Poems   
Robin Wyatt Dunn Telegrams from X County   
Robin Wyatt Dunn Hanblečeya
John Dutterer False Cosmopolitan   
Raymond Farr  Eating the Word NOISE   
Andy Fogle  The Last Apprenticeship   
Charles Freeland  Five Perfect Solids   
Andrei Guruianu & Mihaele Ganovici In Ordinary Light 
Daniel Hales blind drive
Kyle Hemmings Terminal   
Susan Lewis  The Following Message   
B. T. Joy  Life of an Antiquarian   
Joe Marchia  Like Movies
Amy Miller rough house
Jeffrey Park Inorganic   
Vivian Faith Prescott  Slick   
Bernd Sauermann  Diagrams and Nomenclature   
Stephani Schaefer  Coming in for a Landing   
Robert Scotellaro  After the Revolution   
Claudia Serea The Russian Hat   
Claudia Serea With the Strike of a Match   
Gary Sloboda  Lottery's Children   
Ray Templeton Watling Street   

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Amy Miller (February 2016)
Daniel Hales (April 2016)