In-line (roller) hockey on the closed portion of Pennsylvania Ave between 15th & 17th St. in front of the White House.

A pick-up game that has been going on for over 15 years now.  Games every Saturday and Sunday at 10 am (check the Google Group for game status).

There's no cost, no registration, etc....  The skill level is very mixed but a general competency on skates and with a stick is required (for your safety and the players around you).

The game is right on the street between Lafayette Park and The White House.

 White House Map

Washington D.C.



Mylec/Franklin hockey balls are used. 


Skate with hard, outdoor wheels (84A work best). 


Helmets/padding/etc...are left up to each individual player to what they are comfortable wearing.  Hockey gloves are recommended.



The game might be going on anywhere along Pennsylvannia Avenue between 15th and 17th street, depending on the tourists, protests, and various goings on.  Be sure to check the whole stretch of street if you don't see us at first.



Played five on five (including the goalies) with a ball and small half nets.  Everyone rotates being in goal (a chance to catch your breath!).  With no goalie pads on, slap shots are taboo (though one or two are still unleashed).



"Next 5" - If more than 10 people are out playing, a 10 minute time limit on each game goes into effect (rather than using subs to avoid the issue of some players not willing to come off the rink).  At the end of the 10 minutes, everyone calls "next 5".  Anyone who sat out the just ended game goes in for the new game with the rest of the team filled out in the order in which they called "next 5".  If more than 5 people are sitting out, the first five people who called it after the previous game go in with the remainders going in the next game.


"Last Rush" - When under the ten minute time limit, the clock runs continuous however, once under :30 seconds left, "last rush" will be called out.  Rather than end the game on a hard countdown, a last opportunity for an offensive rush is given.  Once "last rush" is called, the game will end on either the next shot on goal or if the ball goes out of play.




If rain is in the forecast, here is the rule of thumb on the weather - if your street is dry at the time you would leave the house to come down to the game, assume we are game on.  If your street is tree covered, check a more open area (Pennsylvannia Ave is not and will dry a lot quicker as a result).  We try to send out a note if we have to cancel so be sure to check your e-mail before heading out if the forecast is iffy.