White Hill Mansion Preservation Project

There was a house, a lady, some Hessians, and a river.

The Revolutionary War created massive devastation in the colonies.  Nowhere was this more evident than in New Jersey.  Robert Field, a local business man and patriot, headed the Committee of Correspondence in an attempt to gain representation in British Parliament.   In 1775 Robert drowned in the Delaware River under mysterious circumstances, leaving his young wife Mary to defend their home against British and then Hessian invasion.


Over the next two hundred and thirty-seven years the Field family home housed entrepreneurs and a U.S Senator, as well as rum runners.  It was thrice abandoned and once used as a bordello.  For nearly seventy years it served the public as an upscale restaurant know as Glenk's White Hill Mansion Restaurant Bar and Grill, The Mansion and finally the White Hill Mansion Restaurant.




Help preserve the Field Family Home

an important piece of American History

You can help with the preservation of White Hill Mansion by becoming a member of the Friends of White Hill Mansion, purchasing a t-shirt, or making a tax deductible donation.  The Friends of White Hill Mansion is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Tax ID Number 45-3355081.   See the "How You Can Help" page on this web site for details:


White Hill Mansion is currently listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places (ID#115) and will be listed on the National Register pending notification from the Department of Interior.
An Archeological dig was held at White Hill: June 1 - July 6, 2013
For information on the dig go to the "Archeological Dig 2013" section.