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mktorrent-GUI is no longer being developed. Please use qMakeTorrent, available at http://whitehat2k9.github.com/qMakeTorrent/

version 1.35


Release notes:

Created profiles now store torrent comment field
Fixed a divide by zero bug
Source file/directory and torrent save location are now persistent

Added new profiles feature. (see below)
Code cleanup and several minor optimizations.

Unreleased beta version for bugfixing purposes.
Use the program as you normally would. A debug.txt file will be generated
in the same directory as the program.

1.20 Running under Linux is now supported through Mono (you will need to install mktorrent on your own).
User can now cancel running operations using a cancel button on the progress window.
Several minor bugfixes and optimizations.

1.10 Progress bar is now fully functional. Various bug fixes and optimizations.
Console output is now optionally shown in a window.
1.06 Added verification check for mktorrent.exe to prevent use with foreign versions.
1.05 Added more robust error and exception handling.
Added confirm dialog for batch mode and success/fail
results dialog.

1.02 Fixed bug when not running in batch mode.
Changed progress window to dialog style.

1.0  Initial release. Feature-complete

mktorrent-GUI is, as its name implies, a GUI
for the console-based mktorrent program. The GUI
provides an easy-to-use interface to all of mktorrent's

mktorrent-GUI is freeware and can be redistributed freely in unmodified form.
mktorrent is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Technical notes:
The mktorrent executable was compiled with Mingw 5.1.6 under GCC 4.4.0.

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7 x86/x64
.NET Framework 2.0

Instructions for use:
Extract the archive, ensuring that mktorrent.exe and mktorrent-GUI.exe are kept

Use the "add file" or "add directory" buttons to select the source file/directory
for which you would like to create a torrent file.

If you choose a directory, the "batch mode" option becomes available. If checked,
the program will recurse one level deep into your specified source directory and
create a torrent file for each subdirectory.

Next, specify a tracker/announce URL, e.g. http://tracker.openbittorrent.com/announce
Separate each tracker with a new line.

(Optional) If you have any web seeding URLs, insert them, one per line into the "Web seeds" box.

If desired, you may enter a short comment to be embedded into the torrent file.
If desired, the piece size (default 256KB) can be changed from 64KB to 4096KB.

The number of hashing threads is automatically set to the number of logical processors in your
system. It is recommended to leave this setting on the default.

If "Don't embed creation date" is checked, torrent clients will not show the creation date of
the torrent.

The "Private torrent" option should be used in conjunction with private trackers. DHT and PEX
are disabled, forcing tracker-only communication.

Verbose mode may be useful for testing/debugging purposes as all data output is shown in a
console window.

Once all options have been specified and at least one announce URL has been specified,
you may click the "Create and save as..." button. For single files and directories, you
will be prompted where you want to save the torrent file. For a directory batch mode operation,
you will be prompted to select a folder to save all of the torrent files in.
While the computer is creating the torrent(s), a progress window will appear.

As of version 1.30 mktorrent-GUI can load and save profiles. These profiles contain the following information:
* list of trackers
* list of webseeds
* whether or not the torrent is private
This feature is especially useful if you use multiple trackers and want to be able to
load them in quickly.
The profiles are in XML format and are straightforward enough to be hand-edited, if desired.

Notes for use under Linux:
When running under Linux, mktorrent-GUI searches for mktorrent under /usr/bin as a prerequisite.
You will need a recent version of mktorrent (>=1.0) installed.
The Windows EXEs and DLLs (mktorrent.exe, pthreadGC2.dll, libeay32.dll) can be safely deleted.

Enjoy the program!