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Our Norwich Terriers

Norwich Terriers come to Whitehart

Deciding to add a second breed isn't  as easy as it may seem. Multi -breed households can present challenges and terriers are no exception! Westies ,as the standard states are "a big dog in a little package", having "no small amount of self esteem". In other words Westies all think they are "top dog".Therefore the breed we chose to add to our family  would  need to possess these same characteristics and more. Simply stated in addition to a confident demeanor they must  possess a sense of humor, be happy to share,  be willing to  co-exist with  as well as peacefully work out any disagreements  that might arise with their terrier cousins . 
  Norwich Terriers did not disappoint us and  with their happy-go-lucky disposition , independent and loyal nature   they were the perfect fit.
 AKC Champion Sho- Me Ketka's Peacekeeper
(10/19/94 - 1/12/06 
Regis was our first Norwich Terrier and was bred by Fran Westfall and Carol Sowders of Ketka Norwich Terriers.
From the very first we knew he would be one of those dogs you remember for a lifetime. 

First shows at barely six months of age were the Progressive and Ann Arbor Kennel Club shows in Michigan. Going Best Of Winners for a 3 point major, at Progressive KC under C.J.Foley was a real thrill. The following day at Ann Arbor KC, respected terrier specialist Mr. Seymour Weiss, awarded our Regis winners dog, for his second major . We were on our way!

Regis completed his championship before his first birthday with 3 majors and went on to win numerous group placements,always owner handled . One of our most memorable wins was the  M.C.K.C Stud Dog And Get award from the veterans class at the Norwich Nationals  in 2003.
Regis awarded Winners Dog Ann Arbor KC (age 6 months) 





M.C.K.C National Specialty

Stud Dog and Get

October 2003



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