The family, including the amazing Baby, NEED a NEW Place to live!

They are on the lookout for a place in a safer neighborhood. 

If you know of any Baby the Hero Dog friendly homes in Berkeley please let them know!

JoHanna and the family could use some groceries!  They are also ready to accept  items at the new apartment: 

1606 Prince St.

Berkeley, CA 

For more details about what is needed, please visit the Donations page.

The family moved into the apartment above the Berkeley Humane Society 5 weeks before the fire.  They did not have renter's insurance.  Any help is welcome.  


Footage of the Humane Society fire, taken by a neighbor.

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More photos and videos are coming....

Official Site for Baby, the Berkeley Humane Society Fire Hero, and her Family.

**Coming Up Soon, WE need HELP throwing more of the stuff in storage out and condensing into a smaller unit. The cost of the current unit is really getting us hard! Please email JoHanna if you are available to help

E-Fundrazr to help pay for Morgan's Summer camp costs


IMPORTANT NOTICE: JoHanna and the family could use some groceries!  They are also ready to accept items at the new apartment: 

1606 Prince St.

Berkeley, CA 

Drop off items by appt. Please email JoHanna at or message her on facebook to set up a time.

CASH: The first thing they need donated is cash (you can PayPal donations to or click on the "Donate" buttons on this site).  JoHanna says gift cards  Berkeley Bowl, Safeway, IKEA, Bed,Bath & Beyond or Target would be terrific as well.  The quickest thing everyone can do now is donate via PayPal:

Checks, gift cards, and care packages can still be mailed to the family's new mailbox:
J. White
1606 Prince St
Berkeley, CA 94703

If the button does not work and you need help with PayPal
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on "send money" tab.
  • In the "To:" field, type in JoHanna's email:
  • Fill in amount you wish to donate.
  • Select "personal" tab and select "gift".
  • Hit continue and follow instructions
Clothing donations:  specific needs are:
John -  size 11 shoes

Household donations:  Please see the Donations page for specific items. 
Join this Facebook page to get updates as they figure out the drop off point for large items.

Donations from the Vallejo area:  People can drop donations off at The Red Raven, and they will be taken down to the family in Berkeley.

If you would also like to donate to the Berkeley Humane Society, please click here to go to their web site.

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Ecommerce web site