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2012 Annual Picnic

 Barb gets help setting up
 Sandy & Paulette do the desserts
 Marlene does her share
 Ginny helps Neil & Don
 Thanks Joan for our favorite bars!
 Sandie helps Les figure out his plate
 Enough food for all and more
 Joan, Mitzi & Arlene fill their boots
 Durwin loves the fried chicken
 Perfect smile from Louise
 Joan & Ray enjoy the day
 Ruth remembered her hat!
Arlene brought her's too
 Fritz & Mitzi love every trip
 Paulette gives Bob a mouthfull
 Marlene & Louise
 Ray gets alittle too good at cleanup
 Ruth, Doris, Joan, & Sandie
 "Always snitching" Ray
 Paulette models her creation
 Les:  "What can I say!?"
See You All Again Next Year!  Same Place Same Menu....Some New Faces Too????  Barb & Les