Welcome To White Diamond Tours, Inc.

White Diamond Tours, Inc. has been arranging and escorting holidays across the United States and Canada since 1992 and celebrated over one million miles in motor coach travel in 2012.  Our commitment to excellence assured the guests would receive the highest quality of travel available.  Our tours were never photocopies of other company's adventures but were constructed individually to ensure relaxed travel days for everyone, our guests and the motor coach operator.  Our main goal was to make memories that would be a wonderful part of life for our guests, and ones they would enjoy sharing with friends and family.  The high quality of lodging reserved on our Extended Tours was just one of the very important features we provided.  By mixing in other ingredients such as area culture and history, we felt our tours accomplished this goal.

A special "thank you" to those of you who have traveled with White Diamond Tours, Inc. over the past 2 decades/.
The loyalty, confidence and trust you have shown us helped make our company a design leader in the travel industry.

Barbara Friedhoff

Barbara continues to own
White Diamond Tours, Inc. and has been designing and escorting tours since 1992.  Her experiences have given her insight to what the guests look for in extended travel as well as to locations of interest in the Minnesota area.

A willingness to listen
to the guests and make adjustments to tours allowed White Diamond Tours to stand above the other travel companies in our area.

Extended tours were always designed with the guest's comfort in mind.  Listening to what the people wanted and striving to provide it was the most important factor that allowed her to create new tours across the United States.