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Welcome to Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.This page leads you to the hoops.  Each hoop is designed to guide you closer to your own inner knowing.  The outer fourth hoop is for listening.  The third hoop is for those who are involved with discussions.  The second hoop is for training of warriors.  The first hoop is for elders, who do what they say. The center hoop or the reflection is for Grandmothers of the Green Grass, who embrace the Rainbow Clan Village and Travelers.

Listen to the many sacred song blessings from all beings around the world.  Email whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com to receive your perfection, through the heavenly soul's song.  Learn about your Rainbow Colors.  Find out what your mission in life is, which is written on your "book of life" (heavenly name). And so much more about evolution and how are we going to survive, when light and darkness fold together.  Prophecy tell us that the world is going to be cleansed. And will you learn to walk the red road or the law of love.  Start with daily blessings for all that is relative or close in proximity.  We belong to each other.  Now it's time to learn how to fold together, because the fittest will survive.  It is now a time for a spiritual evolution, within you.  Learn about your greatness.  May your spirit fly...

Access Hoops  4, 3, 2, 1, 5 

Holiness David Running Eagle asks today, to explain how to get to us and how to make your way to understanding the wisdom of all this spiritual evolution of the eternal soul, that is coming. But if we pull together, then we can make it all the way (yellow road, the dream). 

To put the pieces together we all need just bless and pray.  However you can start reading about evolution by going to these blogs White Buffalo Calf Woman (outer) and your Twin Deer Mother (inner).  These will gift to you, the basic grasp of what rainbow warriors are and help you to understand all that evolution brings! Once you are in the hoops, you have access to elders and warriors of the rainbow.

Start at the Circle that you feel links your heart, and you will be in the very perfect start. Subscriptions are to the right and welcome home!

Telephone Gathering Weekly
Those who wish to ask questions to Elders, we are available by telephone weekly 

Sunday 4pm PST Elders, Vision Interpretation, Interpretation of Rainbow colors, holy questions 
Sunday 5:30pm PST Computer Assistance

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Telephone Conference Access each Week for those with Questions, especially if you are not getting an email back in time for your vision quest.

We welcome you to our telephone gathering: White Buffalo Calf Woman,  Holiness David Running Eagle and Elders

Relatives, This is White Buffalo Calf Woman. To assist your navigation of all our Domains, please look at the navigation panel to the left of all domain pages. Begin and g
o to

Here you will be able to journey through the domains and many open doors. Please feel free to email me (don't be shy and email again if I don't get back to you.  I am extremely busy, so I could use some reminders from you), and I will bless you, when you come, and read your Rainbow Colors and Your Song. 

And if you have Images to be read, then all you have to do is ask. So many questions in the breeze, but only answers will come is you ask! We are part of the Great-Give-A-Way, so there is no cost for you today...just open your heart and gift a prayer, and you will be able to come so near. "I bless myself" and "I bless the world", this is the best, especially if fire is used, like incense or sage, because this will purify you, to receive my love!

Google Profile will guide you towards me!

Subscriptions to Hoops

4th Hoop Outer  (recommend start here)
"to extend to the outer most shores, from see to sea" Listen in to Rainbow Warriors 

Come and learn about the Songs of the world, where you belong. We are perfect but we don't see, how our hearts could really be. This will speak the truth of all, while you listen to all who fall, upon their knees and begin to pray, for this is the sacred way. Listen to Elders who bring you songs of wisdom showing you belong to God this very day. Bow to the Rainbow and Pray!

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3rd  Hoop Network
  "Networking with Seekers" 
You must ask for a blessing to enter hoop 3 email whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com or enter through Hoop 4 to listen in...

Network with warriors who come to lay the land. Those who start to understand, that sharing is how brotherhood is known. We travel along these paths, to find self. The  four roads are blue/black, red, yellow and white.

 1. "Songs of the Heart" RED ROAD

Reference for networking

2. "Songs of the Heart"  BLUE ROAD

Reference for networking

2nd Hoop Warriors
"Warrior Training, crystal indigo children, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy" 

Crystal Indigo Children are we, for this is how we learn to be, Elders who do what they say, all along the devoted way!  Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy Training to be, the Perfect Stand for the ground to be, the law of love that makes it every time, to deal with others who have not found their way (Warriors Down).


1st Hoop Elders
 "Elders plan Migration Inner Hoop" 

Active-Indigos, the Inner Hoop will hold you and offer the world of truth, for this is where Elders will be. The world is our relatives and we must open our hearts, here at this start, we join in perfect hearts.

From the heart of Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star who says, "We are going to forgive them anyway, which is the right thing to do."

Sanctuary Space, Native Americans 
(soul elders), children and Grandmothers of the Green Grass, Rainbow Clan Village

The Hoop of Reflection for children's song (educators), to be with those who long, to teach them what is wrong and right, here is where you start. Our Children are learning Evolutions Song, and we must learn how to get along! Grandmothers of the Green Grass come to hold our hands, in the heart of the Rainbow Clan.

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" Educators, Center, Reflection"