Science MS

Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer - students may ask an astronomer a question, archive of past questions
NASA for Students - contains both student and educator sections
Planets from Enchanted Learning - contains info about the planets set up in graph form
Welcome to the Planets - images from NASA's planetary exploration program
Virtual Journey into the Universe

Autumn Leaves - Fall leaf colors - Why do autumn leaves change color and fall?
Chemistry for Kids - information about basic chemistry
Strange Matter - Discover the secrets of everyday stuff - check out the stuff for teachers section

Lesson: Why do Boats Float? - lesson about how water molecules interact to enable objects to float or sink
NOVA Online | Voyage of Doom | Buoyancy Brainteasers

EEK! - Our Earth - learn about the environment and environmental issues
Endangered Species - Clickable Map - click on a state in the interactive map to see what species are endangered within the selected state
Endangered Species - info about endangered species and how to save them
Endangered Species Fact Sheets - electronic fact sheets on over 50 species
Energy for Kids - has energy facts, fun and games, and classroom activities
EPA Educational Resources - for students and teachers, teaching center (lessons)
NOAA Education - specially for teachers 
Volcano World - The Web's Premier Source of Volcano Info - games for students and information and lesson ideas for teachers
World Wildlife Fund - see conservation in action

Interactive Sites:
7th Grade Science Sites - list set up by topic
8th Grade Science Sites - list set up by topic
Cell Games - learn parts of cells by playing games
Interactive Matter - interactive matter presentation
Middle School Science Portal - resources for the middle school classroom
NOVA Online | Voyage of Doom | Buoyancy Brainteasers - activity about buoyancy
Periodic Table - interactive
Punnett Squares - Punnet Square interactive activities, contains online journal for students
Science NetLinks - lessons and Internet resources
States of Matter - info about states of matter, simulation of molecule movement by state of matter
States of Matter and Temperature - select material and temperature and see how molecules of the material act at a certain temperature
Study Jams - movies about various science topics with quizzes 

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