The rodeo grounds are open year round for the public.
Please call 1-208-983-7701 for more information. 
This is a ride at your own risk and we ask that you help keep it cleaned when you are done using it.
We do have 4H Groups, High School Rodeo, CIRA Rodeo, and of course our Rodeo that is held there too.


Rodeo - Friday, June 16, 2017
                  Saturday, June 17, 2017

Take the drive, enjoy a small town rodeo, with the Salmon River as your backdrop
 on Father's Day weekend.

White Bird Rodeo History

The White Bird Rodeo, in conjunction with the White Bird Days, is an annual event anticipated by many over Father's Day weekend. It is a time for family and friends to reunite. The sound of laughter can be heard throughout the river canyon, whether downtown or at the rodeo grounds.
 We've had some nail biting years, a few times we wondered if we'd be able to put on a rodeo, but we made repairs...just in time for the show to go on.
It's taken hard work and commitment, but the self-satisfaction of watching generations enjoying our 2 day events fuels one's soul for the next year. 
Our hats are off to all of you - thank you for the many years of support!!

Times & Dates

Performances are all Pacific time, US Highway 95 & Twin Bridges at Rodeo Drive.

Friday - June 16         6:15pm - Steer Riding
                                        6:30pm - Rodeo

Saturday - June 17   3:00pm - Stick Horse Races w/Smokey the Bear
                                        3:45pm - Mutton Bustin
                                        4:45pm - Steer Riding
                                        5:00pm - Rodeo 
                     Parade & Sat. performance only - Eh Capa Bareback Riders will be returning

Calf Scramble - Both Days - Ages: 3-7 & 8-12 
                                        Pull ribbon off - WIN prize!!
                                        One winner in each age group (both days)

2016 Queen
Bella Klapprich