Please call or email us to set up an interview and tour of the school!
Registration Fee: 
This is an annual fee, payable upon enrollment of your child, and then annually during the fall registration period.  Registration fees are not pro-rated except during summer if your child will only be with us for part of the summer.  Registration is non-refundable.
  • School Year Registration:  $250.00 (August through May)
  • Summer Registration:  $50.00  (June and July)
Tuition Rates:
Tuition is based on the environment your child is currently enrolled in. Children are placed in developmentally appropriate environments; ages are approximate.  All of our program are five days a week.
Young Children's Community
(16 months - 3 yrs)
8:30 - 12:30                                                      $790 /month
8:30 - 3:00                                                        $900 /month
7:00 - 6:00                                                        $1010 / month
(3 yrs - 6 yrs)
8:30 - 12:30                                                       $700  /month
8:30 - 3:00                                                        $840 /month
7:00 - 6:00                                                        $950 /month
Rates are subject to change, please contact  us to verify pricing.
Rates updated 4/18/2015
Extra Hours ($10/hr):
We understand that meetings run late, traffic is unpredictable and sometimes running an errand without your child can be much easier.  If you need an extra hour (this does not apply to after 6pm, please see below), please call us as soon as you know so we can be prepared.
Second Child Discount (10%):
Both children must be enrolled in full-time programs.  The discount applies to the lower tuition only.
Student and Sibling Drop-ins:
Accommodated by appointment only.
Pick-ups After 6pm:
There is a $1.00 per minute late charge for children picked up after 6:00pm.  This fee is to be paid directly to the staff member caring for your child and is to be paid at the time of pick up.  If you are going to be late, please call us so we are not worried.
Notice of Withdrawal:
A parent withdrawing their child from White Bird Montessori must give 30 days written notice and tuition payments must be current.
Tuition Due Dates:
Tuition is based on the annual tuition cost and remains the same each month, regardless of holidays or closings.  Holidays and closing are figured into the annual cost of tuition and monthly tuition has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Tuition is due on the 28th of each month prior to attendance.
  • A 15% late fee will be added to the amount due for tuition received after the 1st of the month.
  • Thereafter, your child will be subject to dismissal.
  • Arrangements for tuition payments other than the above can be made by contacting the office.
  • Non-payment of tuition during a child's absence from school is not acceptable.  Your payment holds your child's place in their class.
  • The returned check fee is $35 plus any applicable late fees.
We know difficult financial situations can arise.  Please feel free to contact us to make payment arrangements and/or discuss other options.  Your child's well-being is always our first concern.  We will make every effort to help.