About the Observatory
Whistlestop Observatory

In 2003 I Started astronomy with a Meade ETX-125 (5") telescope and quickly got aperature fever. Moved up to a Meade LX200GPS (10") telescope in 2005 but, lugging the larger scope out of my workshop each time I wanted to use it got old. Built a rolling platform to facilitate moving the scope and began dreaming about having my own personal observatory to house the larger scope.

Obtained the plans and started construction in 2007. The observatory is a Skyshed design 10' X 14' roll-off roof. Originally had only one window, to install a small A/C unit, so I can keep cool in the summers here in Florida. In 2011 the observatory was completed and has electric, phone and internet access in a "Warm Room" that takes up 4' X 10' of the interior space, leaving a 10' X 10' area for the scope room.

I have added a fold-down shelf on one wall of the scope room and custom eyepiece holders on another wall, close to the scope. The home-made pier the scope sets on was built by me and has electric, serial, USB, Firewire control lines for the scope and cameras.