Pir Vilayats son Mirza Inayat Khan, Camp 2013
Maria, the eldest child of Pir Vilayat, foreground Zia
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please notice, that I have the copyright for these pictures above (except the photo of Maria). Feel free to copy and distribute them for privat use, but I do not accept any commercial use without my permission.
These photos I have taken on january 2004 (except those with the flowers in front of Fazil Manzil, with Mirza, and Maria), the very last leaders-training with our beloved Murshid Pir Vilayat.

from left to right:
Noor, Khair, Murshid, Hidayat, Amina Begum, Vilayat

Pir Vilayat, Zia and Taj Inayat, formerly Jemila Johnson, maiden name: Carolyn Buckmaster
Murshid Sam kissing Taj Inayat Jemila Johnson
Murshid Sam and Jemila Johnson, the later Taj Inayat

These are a few pictures from our private collections. On one or other I have worked a little "beautyfication". Assad
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Pir Vilayat 1976



Unfortunately we do not know the creator of this photomontage.

this detail is taken from a picture which shows both masters at a conference. Back- and foreground are erased.



Pir Vilayat and young Mirza

fly with the eagle