Welcome to Whispering Pines Mini-Nubian Goats

Whispering Pines, owned by Vencil and Susan Selvage, is situated on 15 acres in beautiful southwestern Virginia, about 35 miles southwest of Roanoke.  We are in a small community called Ferrum, which is hallmarked by Ferrum College, a great liberal arts institution.  We live in a beautiful valley not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway. 
We have owned goats since 1993, and since 2002, have been concentrating on Mini-Nubian goats.  We currently have a small herd consisting of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation goats.

We began our journey with a beautiful buck from Woodhaven Farms named Levi Garrett and four doelings called the "Golden Girls" because of their coloration. From that beginning and other animals coming in, we have created a herd full of color, good conformation and good milking backgrounds.


Our logo above features our "herd queen", Beauty, who came to us as a baby from Washington State.




Here are ten of the eleven babies we had in 2003 - Adonis is airborn!!  These little guys are fun to watch.

The hardest thing about raising Mini-Nubians is selling them. I really have a problem deciding who to keep and who to sell as I generally want to keep ALL of them!!