Spanish Pure Bred, no official papers, so passport needs to mention Cruzado
Born in +-  9/2009
Color: Brown   
Chipped, vaccinated, dewormed, castrated etc...
Medical history: a "cold" in 12/2009, a cut in 2010 (healed fine)
In perfect health
Location: Mol Belgium
Horsenality: Left Brain Extrovert
Key words: Playfull, smart, mouthy, exuberant, curious, unconcerned, a little mischievous & a tendency to bite/touch everything
This little fellow wants it all, he wants to touch everything, try everything out and play, play,play.
He will follow you around and will be the first to come to you when you get into the paddock.
But you have to keep an eye open...because he wants to touch and taste whatever you have on.....hahaha  :+
So be carefull for that little mouth of him....:j
6/2010                                                                                    1/8/2010                                               15/09
Video:  Brownie in action 11/2012
Brownie is momenteel te bezichtigen in de Vrijhoeve te Hazerswoude.
Hij zoekt dringend zijn perfecte partner om samen een mooie relatie uit te bouwen.
Brownie mist de aandacht & knuffels van de mens.