Spanish Pure bred, no official papers received, so passport needs to mention Cruzado.
Born 9/2007
Colour to be: Black
Classif. PNH: Right Brain
Chipped, dewormed, ...
> 160 cm  high (exact not known as not measured)
Medical history: Diarrhea in 1/2010, Bladder infection in 02/2010: all taken care of, castrated 5/2012
Was weaker on the hips and did not run very good.
Has had several visits from the osteopath since 2010, but not in the last 10 months as he developed lots of muscles and became strong to handle it himself
Horsenality: Right Brain
Key words: distrustful when it's new, hesitant, used to be over-reactive, hyper alert, unconfident until he knows he can trust you
Needs NH partner minimum level 3.

This Black Stallion is the only horse of the 9 colts-foals who did not want to have anything to do with  humans when I saved him... 
It was also clear he had had some bad experiences and then his character was something only few people would have what he needed...
Our natural intuïtive relationship is getting better and better every day...and his extreme right brain reactions are smoothing down.

He is a very sensible horse and needs an experienced horseman-horsewoman. Preferably with PNH experience.
The natural way will be the only way to get him to perform to his best.
Any other way will break his spirit !
He's the horse with the most beautiful Spanish features
Cubanito is helping him a lot in getting more confident and they played a lot together...Have a look at the video's !


Update 2015:
In the last 5 years Black evolved and changed the most of all the horses mentally and emotionally.
Cubanito was his mentor and learned him so much.
In the last year Black also became physically very mature.

It was totally right and correct to give him the time to get confidence and mature.

Black's partner will need to take the time to do lot's of groundwork first, to establish a good and trustworthy relationship before even thinking of getting on top of him.

Once he trusts you, he will do whatever you want but betray his trust and he will need time to digest it.

Medically he is fine, just a little line in front hoof (all horses run barefood in the mountains , so a littlecrack of chip off can happen)
6/2010: With his best friend Cubanito                                         5/2010:  With Michael Gröhmann: 3* Parelli Instructor

Michael Gröhmann, 3*Parelli Instructor, had 5 sessions with him in 2010


2015: relaxing during the Equine Touch Therapy
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