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Why Drink Whisky?

posted May 9, 2017, 11:10 AM by Whisky Belles   [ updated May 28, 2018, 8:11 AM ]
Author: Eva Pang

Why drink whisky? It’s a reasonable question if you don’t already drink whisky, have never tasted whisky or have only tried it once before. In which case, you’re probably saying it more like “Why WOULD you drink whisky?” Potentially making a face while saying it.

Most people don’t generally start with spirits when they first start drinking. From my experience, most people generally gravitate towards beer and wine first, or fruity cocktails and coolers. All of these drinks seem more approachable, are better advertised and can have very low starting prices, giving them an edge in wooing younger drinkers.

Whisky has a lot of misconceptions to overcome including that it’s only drunk by men, it’s expensive, it’s for older people, and whisky all tastes the same. Being a woman in her 30’s who just discovered the joys of drinking whisky, I can certainly tell you that it’s not just for men, it’s definitely not just for older people and it does not have to be expensive. Although this might have the case a long time ago, the whisky industry is trying hard to dispel these myths and misconceptions.

Just like beer and wine though, whisky is unique and varied, with so many different brands, varieties, and ways to change the flavor, you could spend your entire life drinking whisky and still learn new things. Whisky can taste sweet, spicy, meaty, citrusy, and malty. The flavours can be gentle or bold and in your face. Prices can also range greatly and despite what people think, it does not have to be expensive.

So if you want to give whisky a go, start off with something classic, reliable and affordable. The Maccallan distillery is a well-known distillery in Scotland, and is amongst Scotland’s largest distilleries. The Macallan Gold is the first in The 1824 Series, and is very affordable and approachable for a newcomer to whisky. At only 40% abv, the alcohol content will be significantly higher than those used to drinking beer and wine, but not so high that when you smell it, you feel like it might burn off your nose hairs! It smells of lovely citrus with a hint of vanilla to it, and tastes lightly of citrusy, sweets and ginger. The finish is dry and short, so the taste won’t linger in your mouth and is an easy drink for anyone who has never tried whisky before.

So give whisky a whirl, and if it doesn’t take the first time, don’t give up! Sometimes it just takes the right whisky to get you hooked like I was! All it takes is one wee dram!