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Irish: Midleton Very Rare 2013

Midleton is another Pernod Ricard brand produced in the Republic of Ireland. Assuming I can read my hen scratching, it appears that this was the last Midleton Very Rare bottle produced while Barry Crockett was the active master of malt at Midleton. Signed by Crockett, the bottle comes with an invitation to the distillery in the box and an option to register your bottle. This bottling contains a combination of whiskies ranging in age from 15-25 year old.

  • Age: NAS
  • ABV: 40 %
  • Cask(s): lightly charred oak
  • Nose: Sweet. Hints of over-ripe green fruit (grapes and star fruit) and apple.
  • Palate: Balanced. Light and mellow. Brown sugar vanilla fudge and caramel.
  • Finish: Nutmeg and cinnamon. Medium finish that rebuilds after a few minutes. Easy with no hint of burn.
  • Price: $325

Personally, I think this dram is overpriced. It’s a nice sipping whiskey and a great starter whiskey to introduce someone new to the spirit, but it’s also inoffensive and slightly bland.

Prices listed were based on the pricing in the store on the day (06/21/2017) and are subject to change without notice.