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Whisky Distillery Quilt for Charity

The Whisky Belles will be hosting a charity tasting event in early 2020 to raise funds to support E4C, a non-profit organization in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Our goal is to create a quilt made entirely out of t-shirts from whisk(e)y distilleries. A local quilter (ok, a Whisky Belle and her mom!) will be donating their time and the cost of all other materials required for quilting and the quilt will be auctioned at the tasting. All proceeds from ticket sales and auction items will be donated to E4C.

We've set aside a separate section of our page to document the project's progress.

e4c is a non-profit, charitable organization that has been working for almost 50 years to prevent and eliminate poverty. They have four core values to fight poverty by providing food security through school food programs, by community and collaboration providing students supported after school programs, by shelter and housing helping people find housing and supporting the need for emergency shelters, and education and skill development helping people discover their potential and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Facebook: E4Calberta.org

Instagram: @e4calberta

Twitter: @e4cAlberta

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Meet the Whisky Belles

Whisky Belles was started in 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by three whisk(e)y loving ladies. We believe that whisk(e)y should be enjoyed by everyone and have endeavored to build a welcoming and safe place online and in-person. We believe this facilitates open dialogue and opportunities to learn about the spirit. We enjoy supporting the local community and host an annual charity tasting, where they have raised $6,650 for their charity of choice, e4c Alberta since 2017.

Facebook: whiskybelles

Instagram: @WhiskyBelles

Twitter: @whiskybelles