Whiskers and Tails specialize in caring for pets while your are away from home.  You'll have peace of mind while away that your baby is in the comfort of their own home with out the noise of a kennel.  We have all been inside a kennel at one time or another.  As soon as a door opens or a person walks in the barking begins.  Dogs jumping in their cages others cower in the corner afraid of their surroundings.  This can sometimes cause stress, upset tummy or diarrhea.  Plus you can never realy be sure if your pet is getting the one on one treatment by receiving the special food you left for them or their favorite toy to play with and have their own bed to sleep in, like they would at home. 
    When you call Whiskers and Tails we will make arrangements to visit you and your pet in your home, shortly before you leave free of charge.  At that time I'll get detailed information about the care your baby requires.