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Sample Descriptions and Tips

Teachers and coordinators:
Be sure to include size comparison, measurements, or directional words.The goal is to provide enough detail and description for the other class to create a turkey.

Examples of Measurements and Comparisons
  • Green, almond-shaped eyes with big black pupils the size of a penny on the inside corners of the eye. Made with construction paper.
  • The diameter of the head is 2.5 pencils.
  • 12" x 12" tan construction paper egg-shaped head.
  • Cut a medium ( 2' x 1') orange rectangle out of bulletin board paper to use as the background.
  • Cut feathers out of orange, red, and yellow construction paper. There is an equal number of feathers from each color. The total number of feathers is 12 and each feather is 12 inches long.
  • The legs are like baseball bats with the fatter end connecting to the torso.
  • The waddle looks like red, wrinkly elephant skin and was made from red construction paper.

Example Description:

Materials: small shoe box, brown, red, orange, and yellow
construction paper, brown and red butcher paper, pattern for making
paper feathers ( any pattern will do), glue and tape

How to Construct Mr. Turkey Lurkey
  1. Cover shoe box with two sheets of brown construction paper- this is
    the turkey's body.
  2. Cut 2 strips of brown construction 11x 1 inch. Accordion-fold and glue to bottom of box. These are the legs.
  3. Cut two wings from brown construction paper. Glue to side of box.
  4. Shape a head out of brown butcher paper. Cut a hole in the box.
  5. Stuff head down in the hole so that it sticks out above the box. Make a waddle out of red butcher paper and attach. Draw two eyes on the head.
  6. Have students trace and cut one feather each. Glue together as a fan in following pattern red, brown, orange, brown, yellow, brown etc.
  7. Attach fan to back of turkey