3_Suggested Clues

Use these topics to guide your students in their research. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but a starting place.

  • Location and date of birth
  • Location and date of death, if applicable
  • Notable achievements or awards
  • Where they grew up
  • Education
  • Family (marriages, children)
  • Different name
  • Best known for…

Resources for determining validity of a website:

When using websites for research, it is extremely important to determine the validity of the information. There are 4 main areas that you and your students will want to pay attention to:
  • Authorship - Can you tell who wrote the site? What credentials do they list?
  • Accuracy - Can you verify the information with other sources?
  • Currency - When was the website written? Updated? Does it contain dead links?
  • Objectivity - Why did the author write the information? Are they trying to sell you something?